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Who listens? A Twin Flame Calling…

Your energy is real……

I want…. I need…. If you can’t hear yourself, who can hear you? Who can help you through the storm? Who can help you understand what you are saying inside? When we abandon this need or want who will come to save us from ourselves? Twins find this part of the connection undoable. We lie and lie some more not seeing the truth about how we connect or why we connect. The choice is to keep hidden, to keep searching, to keep running, to keep chasing. What is this more directly? The direct energy of not sharing this with the other is the lack of communication that happens to us that we are quiet inside and we are here to tell you that you are not without….

When we connected dear souls… something was there that made her stay in…

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My Akashic Journey – Chapter Four – One Powerful Connection

I can relate, totally, to my very own case with all this twin flames stuffs…

FreerSpirit Akashic Soul Readings

How do you know you have a very powerful twin-flame connection in a dualistic universe? When others are constantly getting in the way and making low-down dirty attempts to keep you apart.

Playing with fire.

When people will say anything and do anything — cross ethical and spiritual boundaries, even — to make sure you and your twin flame will never, ever reunite, you know you have a very powerful connection. One that endures all the adversity. One that laughs in the face of these petty little pawns and rooks who think they can somehow undo the connection or diminish the power with futile schemes and manipulative games.

Word to the wise ass: never, EVER fuck with incarnate twin flames. Or you will, undoubtedly, suffer third-degree burns.

Red-hot spiritual agenda.

Twin flame soul mates don’t incarnate together to have a hot and steamy love affair or the ultimate romantic relationship…

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